Our Statement

We believe in celebrating our differences by directly connecting you with the craftsmanship of various tribes and ethnic groups throughout Africa. Our style is inspired by a fusion of cultural tradition and contemporary fashion trends.

While we promote the styles and traditions of African people across the continent, we are addicted to all types of accessories & adornments! We admire the uniqueness of and the story behind jewelry from other indigenous groups around the world. You will be sure to find a style that fits your own aesthetic from our curated selection of artisan made jewelry.


The Afrikan Aesthetic is a small, online brand and retailer specializing in ethnic jewelry, accessories and custom-designed apparel. The company’s founder, JB,  lives in the United States but is originally from Sierra Leone. The vision of her business was inspired not only by her West African heritage but her admiration for traditional styles from indigenous groups around the world.  Her hobby for making and collecting jewelry has sprouted into an entrepreneurial endeavor that she hopes will continue to reach more people who appreciate the practicality and artistry of handmade goods as much as she does.

Our Mission

At The Afrikan Aesthetic we believe in showing off the beauty & practicality of ethnic goods while respecting the cultural identity of others and upholding a standard of quality and transparency. We admire the fair-trade model and make great efforts to source products directly from the collectives, vendors, artisans &/or non-profit organizations involved whenever possible.

In our quest to give you access to inspiring, authentic handmade products, our long-term mission is to create a commerce model that gives back to others. By doing business with artisans in low-resource and developing countries, they can generate enough income to provide for their families as well as uplift their communities. We will continue to do our part by partnering with local craftsmen & craftswomen to promote the principles of fair-trade, ethically sourced goods and sustainable consumerism.

We hope you find a unique piece (or two!) in our shop that resonates with you and that you can connect with. We invite you to experience and enjoy the Afrikan Aesthetic.

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