Fair Trade jewelry—An insight into this meaningful and sustainable initiative

Fair Trade jewelry—An insight into this meaningful and sustainable initiative

You may already know the fashion industry has an ugly, disturbing side. The rampant rise of fast fashion has led this industry to harbor unethical fashion houses that thrive on unjust practices like child labor and exploitation of labor.


Fortunately, media exposure of what goes on behind the scenes has helped many consumers realize the consequences of their fashion choices. Hence, conscious consumerism is on the rise, with more people making well-informed and ethical fashion choices. However, as a consumer, how do you know whether you are making the right purchasing decision and whether a product is ethical or not? This is where Fair Trade becomes relevant.

Fair trade is a global movement that supports responsible customers while empowering farmers, artisans and communities of skilled workers in developing countries. The primary idea behind it is that workers in developing nations of the world deserve fair wages, decent working conditions and must be protected against exploitation.


Fair trade aims to develop transparent trading and encourage buyers to be accountable for their purchasing decisions. Through this commercial business model, Fair trade cooperatives ensure that customers receive responsibly created, environment-friendly, safe products while workers are rightly compensated for their efforts. Through ethical trading partnerships, Fair Trade aims to eliminate poverty and encourage sustainable development in marginalized communities. Fair Trade initiatives empower skilled, hardworking women from backward communities with long-term job opportunities, humane working conditions and fair wages. Fair Trade applies to most types of consumer items, including clothing and fashion jewelry. So, when you buy Fair trade jewelry, you actively support the livelihood of skilled artisans in developing countries and help them lead better lives.


And let’s face it, handcrafted, artisan jewelry is distinct and undoubtedly superior to mass-produced items. They end up becoming statement pieces that invariably enhance your style quotient. For instance, look at the Maasai jewelry we carry. As you can see in this post, the intricate beadwork in each of these pieces is carefully crafted by artisans from the Maasai tribe, who are renowned for their skill and creativity. By buying jewelry from fair trade suppliers or those who embrace the same principles in their day-to-day operations, you also support a system that treats everyone with respect. At Afrikan Aesthetic, we share these sentiments.


Inspired by Fair trade principles, our company works directly with local cooperatives and small business owners from countries like India, Thailand, East Africa and Mexico to source our products. Our goal is to bring you exotic handmade jewelry pieces that appeal to your conscience and sense of style, while giving back to the environment and community. We source our Maasai jewelry through a partnership with a small collective on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya. Not only do the pieces in this collection look exquisite, they have amazing quality. When you invest in these exotic pieces of artisan jewelry, you become the proud owner of meaningful and irreplaceable masterpieces of art.

Go big on style with one-of-a-kind pieces from our collection, like “Wild Thing” Zebra Stripe Horn Earrings, “Tribe” Kenyan Horn Earrings and “Savannah” Zebra Stripe Bone Earrings. Grab your favorites right now and stand out from the crowd, while making a positive change with your brilliant choice of ethically sourced and ethically made jewelry.



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